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This lightweight spa cover is a perfect replacement for the budget shopper. Often referred to as the manufacturers replacement cover, this cover is made with a high marine grade vinyl and tapers from 4″ at the center to 2″ at the edge. Aluminum C-Channel is installed on both sides of hinge for added strength. This cover is rated R-19. The polystyrene foam inserts are heat sealed in seven millimeter plastic. Double thick wrapping of foam inserts are available at an additional charge. Twelve different colors are available.

Standard Features:

– 4″>2″ Tapered First Line Foam Board
– Heavy Aluminum C-Channel At Hinge
–Foam Inserts Heat Sealed in 7 Mil Moisture Barrier
–29 Ounce Marine Grade Vinyl Exterior
–100% Polyester Backing
–37 Pound Overall Weight
–R-19 Insulating Value
–Available in Twelve Colors
–Double Reinforced Hinge Area
–Limited Warranty
–4 Child Proof Locking Tie Downs
–2 Double Reinforced Cover Handles
–Bromide & Anti-Mildew Treated
–Bonded Dacron Polyester Fiber Thread
–2 Polystyrene Steam Stoppers at Each End of Hinge
– Underwriter Laboratory Approved

Optional Features:

– Add extra water damage protection to your foam inserts with double thick vapor barrier protection.
–Increase your insulating value with a Continuous Heat Shield Steam Stopper in hinge area.